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Abacus Point of Sale solutions


Our advanced modules are the real deal! Custom built by us, they are fully integrated and accessible by your single login!




Simply Smarter Business.

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  • Cloud Based

    Get up to date information anywhere, anytime. Our system is cloud based for better efficiency, ease of management and convenience. Plus you’ll never have to worry about backing up your data again.

  • Full Suite of Solutions

    From rostering to stock management and even a loyalty program, our clients will be able to access the entire system and all its modules with just a single login.

  • Online & Offline

    No Internet access? No problem! Users will still be able to use the system normally, with all your information getting backed up to the cloud as soon as you’re back online.

  • Reports & Analysis

    Monitor sales and generate comprehensive reports in real time from any laptop or smart device, for valuable insight and business planning opportunities on the go!

  • Your Technology Partner

    We’re here to offer support and guidance so you can get the most out of our technology. At the same time, we’re always looking to evolve and improve to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s business owners.

  • Integration with Online Businesses

    Our system integrates easily with your online store so regardless of whether it’s on-site or online, you can collectively track all your sales and manage customer information with ease.

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